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We train on Lisp: God's own programming language

Lisp has been hailed as the world's most powerful programming language. But only a few programmers use it because of its cryptic syntax and reputation for being appropriate for only those in academia or for Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming. This is rather unfortunate, since Lisp isn't hard to grasp. With Lisp, you get the functional programming edge.

Currently, only the top percentile of programmers use Lisp; so if you want to be among the créme de la créme, we are the right people to contact.

Power corrupts. Lisp is power. Study it hard. Be evil. And plan for world domination! [Insert crazy laugh here]

What do I learn?

Any language that obeys the central principles of Lisp is considered a Lisp dialect. However, the vast majority of the Lisp community uses two Lisps: ANSI Common Lisp (often abbreviated CL) and Scheme. At codeCraft, we are crazy about the ANSI Common Lisp dialect, the slightly more popular of the two. You have two programmes to choose from on ANSI Common Lisp:


This is a 3 day hands-on session aimed at welcoming you to the world of Functional Programming and quickly getting you started with Lisp. It also gives you an overview of the advanced topics in Lisp.

These topics (among others) are discussed exhaustive in the interactive sessions:


Lisperati is a 5 day hands-on session that discusses all the topics covered in Lisper, plus takes a deep plunge into the advanced topics.

These are the additional advanced topics discussed in the last two days of the course:

codeCraft: Lisper codeCraft: Lisperati

Who teaches the course?

Vivek Shangari is a hard-core hacker, if there was one. He always thinks programs, and holds a piece of code in his head all the time. He is from the Unix world - a student of the Unix culture and a zealous practitioner of the Unix design philosophy. He is also a technology writer. His Lisp series of articles gets featured in the magazine Linux For You on a regular basis. Every now and then, he manages to talk a bunch of unsuspecting potential programmers into letting him train them in Lisp. It's not rare to find people stumble out after the training session ‘zombified’, or with tears running down their faces. "Those are tears of joy!" he will patiently explain.


Course Duration Rate per trainee (USD) Rate per trainee (INR)
Lisper 3 days (24 hours) $ 300 INR 15,000
Lisperati 5 days (40 hours) $ 500 INR 25,000

This training fee is applicable for training in Bangalore, India at our facility. Get in touch with us at for on-site training or training in other locations. Also, we'll charge back travel and any other expenses incurred by codeCraft.

We are awful at price negotiations. We draw a blank as soon as you initiate a negotiation and you might wonder why are we staring at you thoughtlessly. Now you know.

What's included?

What should I bring?

Your Laptop. Don't forget the charger. It could be a Mac OS X, Linux, or a Windows machine. One week prior to the training, we'll send out detailed set-up instructions for installing what you need for the course.

Get in touch

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