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With great code, comes great responsibility. The responsibility lies in the appreciation that a successful application requires more than great code. The codeCraft team really appreciates this fact. A high-performance, highly-reliable, and high-quality application requires an overarching architecture that ties the system into a coherent whole. We understand the importance of an overall system and we build comprehensive layered architectural plans that can scale (up and down).

A good design is essential, but a good design is merely a foundation for success. The structures built on those foundations can be neglected and crumble to the ground unless good design principles are continually applied. A architecture will not yield results unless accompanied by meticulous attention to user interface design, optimal front-end implementation, performance tuning, and security.

These are the areas we closely work with you. We are also available for a leisure chat on Star Wars (seriously).


Slab Hourly Rate (USD) Hourly Rate (INR) Minimum Billing
1 $ 75 INR 3,750 No minimum billing
2 $ 50 INR 2,500 8 hours minimum
3 $ 35 INR 1,750 40 hours minimum

We'll charge back travel and any other expenses incurred by codeCraft.

We are awful at price negotiations. We draw a blank as soon as you initiate a negotiation and you might wonder why are we staring at you thoughtlessly. Now you know. We do, however, make exceptions for Evaluation projects and Startups. Get in touch with us at and we'll evaluate the project for a discounted pricing should the project fit in any one of these two criterion.

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