codeCraft: The art of writing beautiful code

codeCraft: The art of writing beautiful code


The codeCraft team has a lot of fun developing gorgeous web applications - applications that are functional, robust, secure, and good-looking. Our applications look nice and feel right. We'd love to spread the joy by sharing our expertise with you. Don't sweat if you are not with us - no one is perfect. But it's never too late to act.
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We play with a few programming languages, but our forte is Lisp and Python. Functional programming is our second nature. Get in touch with us if you are passionate about programming and would like to learn the craft of writing great code. Stay away if programming to you is just a means of making money.
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Talent Identification

Identifying talent is difficult. We've been there and often kicked ourselves in the back for not been able to separate bad from good, and good from great. The good news is - we've evolved! The passion to work with great talent helped us form a mechanism to identify one. Fun alert: parts of this process involve jest.
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